In addition to technical errors or human factors that can cause damage, we are witnessing frequent unforeseeable climate change which undoubtedly poses a possible threat to each vessel, regardless of whether it is protected in the marina or navigating freely. Summing up our extensive experience, we maintain that each vessel, regardless of its value, should be insured in compliance with international standards. 

Having established partnership with the German BAVARIA, specialized in boat and aircraft insurance, we are now able to offer:

  • quick and effective administrative support
  • insurance premiums suited to the value of the insured object
  • expert and legal advice
  • fair payment on damaged property
  • organised unbiased evaluation of all possible damage by a certified  court evaluator 

Please send us your queries or contact us directly if you require any further information. 


You want to sell your boat?

Please contact us if you wish to sell your boat. Your boat will be advertised to a large audience without costs through our marketing services and our intermediation.