Terms and Conditions


For each vessel listed in the munitor offer that is not owned by the munitorcompany, we have agreed the procedure of purchase and sale agency with the vessel owner strictly in conformity with the munitor by-laws. The entire sales process, from its beginning to the end, is kept and filed in standardized munitor documents written in various foreign languages (depending on the origin of buyer or seller) that comply with international acts and are legally valid. 

Basic information about each vessel listed in the munitor offer is available at www.munitor.hr. For more detailed information about the vessel, you need to contact the operator.

By the same token, each vessel listed in the munitor offer may only be seen in the presence of a munitor representative or its owner with previously scheduled agreement.  In the event that the vessel is a subject of further interest, we undertake the purchase and sale procedure which takes place in three phases as follows:

  1. Visual presentation of the vessel, followed by the agreement on sale price, the signing of Preliminary Contract and making an advance deposit.
  2. Following the signing of the Preliminary Contract and making an advance deposit, we undertake the technical inspection of the vessel, which implies a thorough check-up of the vessel by the buyer or by an expert, which also includes sea trial (sea trial cannot be performed before the agreement on sale price, signed Preliminary Contract and advance deposit).  
  3. Following the inspection of the vessel, provided that it is satisfactory and acceptable, we undertake the signing of the Purchase and Sale Contract, the payment of the vessel and the transfer of ownership in conformity with regulations and international acts. 

We considered it necessary to explain the munitor way of agency in the purchase and sale of vessels so that you could be aware of the procedure that we consider to be comprehensive and correct insofar as it equally and mutually represents interests of the owner-seller of the vessel and interests of the buyer.

Best regards,

munitor team